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14th October 2014

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Thor #001

if she be worthy

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13th October 2014

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What are you prepared to do? 

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30th September 2014

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seidrs got them damn ideas in mah mind again
Jotun!Thor and Loki


seidrs got them damn ideas in mah mind again

Jotun!Thor and Loki

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28th September 2014

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23rd September 2014

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consider this: 

thor is always running into little kids who are thrilled to meet him - he doesn’t really understand the concept of signing autographs, but he starts carrying asgardian toys around in his pockets to give to kids he meets (much to shield’s chagrin - how are we supposed to keep alien tech under control when the god of thunder is giving out magnetic propulsion toys to five-year-olds?) 

but one day, he meets this girl who’s nine, maybe ten, and she runs up to him all misty-eyed and immediately asks him if he knows jane foster

and her mother’s embarrassed because “honey, that’s thor, aren’t you excited to see thor?” but the girl just explains that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up, and that jane foster is the astrophysicist (she pronounces the word carefully, as if she’s been practicing) who found out how the rainbow bridge worked - isn’t that so cool? she read about it in kids discover and they watched a documentary in school and dr. foster was in it and it made her think that maybe because she likes planets so much she could be a scientist, too 

and thor smiles broadly and tells her that wanting to be a scientist is a noble dream, and he says “if your mother would be willing, i could introduce you” 

and that’s how jane foster ends up with a tiny science geek in pigtails trailing around behind her in her lab, asking how everything works. jane can’t really comprehend the fact that a kid would want to meet her, but she likes explaining things and she looks at this girl and can’t help seeing herself. thor is just fucking delighted because to him the idea of jane being a child’s hero makes perfect sense, why wouldn’t it? she’s jane

and years later the girl grows up to be an astrophysicist or an astronaut or an aerospace engineer and she never forgets the time that dr. jane foster knelt down beside her and said, don’t let anybody stop you from chasing the stars, if that’s what you want 

jane foster inspiring girls in science, y/y 

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20th September 2014

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16th September 2014

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

It’s been, like, six months (and now longer) and I am still not over this moment, it is too beautiful and perfect to me.  Thor asks if Jane is ready and the look on Loki’s face is the most beautiful I AM OFFENDED OVER HERE HOW DARE YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ME THOR look I have ever seen.

It’s not even reaching for it, that is literally what is going on in this scene, Thor paid attention to Jane for three seconds and Loki was like WHAT HOW DARE YOU.  He is ready!!! Pay attention to him, Thor!!!!

I laugh my ass off every single time.

But the great thing is that Thor does turn to Loki and they’re right back in synch, they rise up at the same time, Jane fades back into the background as soon as Loki pops up, that gorgeous shot of them on Svartalfheim as they’re about to approach the Ark, puts your focus right on Thor and Loki.  These are the important characters of this scene, these are the characters important to each other, these are the characters that draw your eye.

Also, I just really enjoy thinking about how many times Loki must have done that as a kid, that any time Thor asked if Sif or Hogun or Fandral or Volstagg were ready, and Loki pops up with this utter sour lemon sucking face and says I’M READY, THOR.  While Thor just turns to Loki and beams at him, everyone else entirely forgotten and Loki slowly comes out of his hissy mood as Thor pays attention to him.


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13th September 2014

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Stars for Jane

I made myself sad T_T

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13th September 2014

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#”damn fucking right i did”

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9th September 2014

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In which Jane gets excited about science and Darcy gets stuff done. 

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